FPA Work

The Situation

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is the premier professional body for Financial Planners in Australia, with a member base of over 15,000. Faced with significant regulatory and perception challenges in the sector, the FPA was seeking to take a more active role in shaping the future of the industry for the profession and consumers directly.

Our Response

Together with the publishers of their leading industry magazine, we proposed the FPA capitalise on their position in market and move to actively engage its existing professional audience and for the first time attract a new consumer audience through an always-on publishing approach.

To accomplish this, we developed a dual content strategy that considers the needs of both everyday Australians and Professionals while adding value to existing members of the FPA. 


We developed a bespoke destination content hub called Money and Life, lightly branded by the FPA, that offers relevant, insightful and useful content to both consumers and its members in a fresh, eye-catching and engaging manner. Differentiating it in the marketplace and demystify the financial planning landscape by having more Australians engage with their personal wealth and change their behaviour and thinking towards their finances.

Alongside the detailed consumer journey, UX and look and feel research, we developed a new brand in market, dual content strategy defining the content pillars, tone of voice, social and publishing strategies unique to individuals and professionals, directed towards meeting their needs and delivering a commercial return for the FPA.

We continue to partner with the FPA on their audience growth and email strategy.