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The Situation

Cuscal engaged TSM to help solidify them as a leader in the payments market; position Cuscal as a payments expert in NPP, digital payments and ATM services and, demonstrate the value Cuscal provides clients by helping them better compete.

Our Response

We conducted a comprehensive content strategy which included stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, buyer persona development, content pillars and planning approach; as well as a distribution plan and a framework for measuring success.

We have subsequently worked with different teams within comms and marketing to bring the strategy to life and kick off some executional elements including atomising existing heavy-weight content into new and diverse formats to give these existing assets more leverage and usability across different channels.

In order for Cuscal to deliver exceptional value for their clients and showcase their expertise, we have been working with the marketing team to create B2B2C content toolkits enabling clients to better engage with their customer base to increase awareness, understanding, and uptake of various payment products.


The Cuscal senior leadership team is now aligned and engaged in the value, and successful execution, of their content marketing strategy. Working with different arms of the marketing team, we have demonstrated how to effectively leverage their current assets through atomisation, as well as create new content (in diverse formats) that will help drive value with clients, showcase their expertise and firmly position Cuscal as leaders in the payments market.

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