The Situation

The Australian Financial Crimes Exchange (AFCX) is an independent, non-profit entity that is the primary channel in Australia for coordinating the fight against financial and cyber crime.

Founded in 2016 by the four major Australian banks and with the support of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, we were engaged to help establish clear brand positioning, define key messages and grow brand awareness across their various target audiences.

Our Response

We ran a workshop with the team to segment and uncover deeper insight on the brand USPs, priority audiences and decode the complexity in the product proposition.

This strategic approach enabled us to deliver a holistic solution to AFCX which serves their purposes in the early days, and can be scaled up as the organisation matures.


The workshop, conducted with key stakeholders, was a powerful means to generate alignment within the AFCX team. Through a series of guided discussions and exercises we were able to extract, articulate and simplify key messages by audience segment.

We then used this insight to create a range of materials to position the AFCX and articulate its core value proposition. These included a website, infographics, sales materials, and conference presentations including data visualisations.

Through partnering with TSM and the creation of these assets, AFCX is a brand that has established credibility with not only its local audience but its international counterparts, and is in a strong position to hit new member goals in 2018.


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